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Safe Water Guide for Tadpoles

Safe Water Guide for Tadpoles Tadpole Swimming

Raising tadpoles from eggs to froglets is a fun and rewarding adventure, especially for kids and those in the hobby. It’s fun watching tadpoles metamorphose into frogs. From water-dwelling to land-hopping creatures in a few months. It’s not as easy as it looks, however. Tadpoles require safe water. You see, their permeable skin allows for…

Heating Your Frog’s Terrarium

Heating Your Frog’s Terrarium Pacman Frog Picture

For most frogs, heating their enclosure is as important as a proper diet and clean water. Heating a terrarium for frogs and toads is not as simple as sticking a heating mat under the enclosure and walking away. Likewise, basking or heating lamps need the proper placement and size. You want your pets to stay…

Substrate Guide for Frog Enclosures

Substrate Guide for Frog Enclosures Terrarium Substrate

Finding the perfect substrate for your terrarium can seem like a daunting task. Whether you’re in need of a soil to support live plants or you’re just using fake plants, this guide is meant to help you get started. I’ll start by explaining the difference between a substrate used in ‘terrarium’ and in a ‘vivarium’….

How to Set Up a Tree Frog Terrarium

How to Set Up a Tree Frog Terrarium Tree Frog Terrarium

Tree frogs are arboreal, which means they spend most of their time in trees. In captivity, they don’t have access to trees but branches, sticks, vines, and plants will keep them happy. Vertical space is a must. Terrariums at least 18 inches in height will suffice. The overall size (width, depth, and height) depends on…

Popular Wood for Terrariums

Popular Wood for Terrariums Terrarium Wood - Cork Bark Round

One of the most interesting aspects of rearing amphibians is the high level of creativity the owners can contribute to the process. Frogs readily use branches and logs for hiding and climbing. Thus, you can save yourself a lot of stress by buying logs and branches from a pet store or online. These kinds are…

How to Set Up an Aquatic Frog Tank

How to Set Up an Aquatic Frog Tank Aquatic Frog in Tank

Aquatic frogs are among the most popular amphibians kept as pets. They’re easy to take care of, great for beginners, and require very little upkeep. Not only that, getting an aquarium and buying the frogs is fairly cheap. That is exactly what this step-by-step guide is for; setting up an aquatic frog aquarium. Before we…