Supplies List for Reptile & Amphibian Habitats

Amphibian and reptile husbandry requires a long list of supplies. The enclosure is a must, of course, but other crucial items can slip your mind when placing an order online or making a trip to your favorite pet store. This page is meant to be a hopeful resource for you while preparing a list of supplies for your next frog or reptile pet!

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Habitats – Terrariums, Tanks, Enclosures

This section lists most of the popular brands and sizes for enclosures/tanks. Most reptile and amphibian keepers call them “Terrariums” even though this isn’t quite accurate. A terrarium technically is an enclosure for plant life. A vivarium is one which includes animal life. At any rate, the terms Terrarium, Vivarium, Tank, Enclosure, Habitat are used synonymously here.

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Humidity – Misting Systems, Foggers & Drippers

An important part of Anuran husbandry is keeping their habitat’s humidity without a recommended range. In order to do this, the keeper should manually spray the enclosure or install an automatic misting system, fogger, or dripper. Whichever you choose to do, monitor the humidity level with a hygrometer.

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Compare of the best products on the following pages.

Heating – Ceramic Heat Emitters, Heat Mats

Equally as important as humidity is the temperature range. Reptiles and amphibians require a specific temperature range to remain healthy. Each species is different. In order to heat their enclosure, you may need a heat mat or a ceramic heat emitter. Heat mats are alright but ceramic heat emitters are more effective when it comes to heating their enclosure.

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Click this link for a comparison of the best heating pads.

Lighting – Bulbs, Fixtures

Frogs are exposed to UVA/UVB naturally in the wild. The source; the sun, of course. Their captive habitat will ideally reflect this. Do your research on lighting! Whether you need UVB or not, some type of day-time light source is needed to regulate their day and night cycle. You may need a grow light for live plants; that’s something to think about. Anyway, here are some popular light fixtures and bulbs.

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A thermostat will control your heating element; whether its a heat mat or a heat emitter/bulb. I can’t stress how important a thermostat is for both you and your pet. It’s important for your pet so its enclosure doesn’t get too hot. It’s important for you in case your heating element malfunctions. A thermostat is supposed to turn off the heating element when it gets too hot and if it malfunctions. A thermostat should prevent damage to your property.

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I created a in-depth review of the best thermostats. It compares the best of the best and its worth reading if you’re in the market for a thermostat.

Substrate, Branches, Plants

Substrate is the bottom layer of your habitat; the soil mixture. Cocohusk fiber is a popular substrate. If you want a bioactive setup or at least one that will support live plants, you’ll want something like an ABG mix. You can get some branches online and in local pet stores. Plants can be found in some pet stores and online as well.

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Golden Pathos
Live Moss
Leaf LitterMagnolia
Leaf LitterOak


These accessories aren’t required but they will help decorate your pet’s enclosure. The lamp stands are nice too. Especially if you don’t have a good place to hang your light source or ceramic heat emitter.

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Bioactive Microfauna

For those of you interested in creating a bioactive setup, this should point you in the right direction. I’ve had good success buying springtails and isopods from ebay.

Common NameScientific NameType
SpringtailsFolsomia candidaSpringtail
ZebraArmadillidium MaculatumIsopod
Powder BluePorcellionides pruinosusIsopod
Orange DalmatianPorcellio ScaberIsopod
DalmatianPorcellio ScaberIsopod
Dairy CowPorcellio LaevisIsopod
Dwarf WhiteTrichorhina tomentosa)Isopod

Diet – Supplements

Yet another crucial part of proper husbandry is ensuring your pet is getting the vitamins and minerals it needs. Listed below are a few of the popular brands.

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This concludes the list of reptile and amphibian supplies you may or may not need. I hope it helps!