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Reptile Foggers Review

Buyer’s Guide: 5 Best Foggers for Reptiles & Amphibians

Reptile and amphibian husbandry are primarily a means of climate control and proper diet. A small range of temperature and humidity levels should be maintained to keep your pet happy and healthy. For adjusting the temperature, lights and heaters are used. Humidity is different. But it’s nothing to worry about. You’d be surprised how far foggers have come in recent years.

In order to raise the humidity, you’ll need to mist the cage manually or rely on automated devices like misters or foggers. An ‘ultrasonic humidifying fogger’ is a device used to increase humidity in a terrarium by the use of water vapor, also known as ‘fog’. That’s what this guide is all about; foggers. Specifically, which ones are the best for terrariums.

Fog machines are ideal for species that require high humidity. Most importantly, they’re automated. This means they do the work for you. Simply fill the tank with water, adjust the output, and watch the fogger blow cool water vapor into your pet’s terrarium. Of course, the visual appeal is not to be ignored either; it’s undoubtedly one of the selling points.

Foggers, also known as atomizers, are generally different from misting systems because they produce smaller water droplets. Misting systems are capable of producing water droplets up to 200 microns in size, which quickly fall to the bottom of the enclosure. Fogging systems produce droplets around 10 microns in size, which suspend in the air until it evaporates. High-pressure fogging systems produce water droplets that are 10 to 20 times smaller than an average mister.

Listed below are the 5 foggers I’ll be reviewing in this buyer’s guide. Click the link to be taken to the corresponding review where you can find out where to buy them.

ImageFogger Description
Repti Zoo Reptile FoggerRepti Zoo Reptile Fogger (#1 top pick)
An all-in-one fogger that’s easy to use and made from quality materials.
Reptile Fogger from Evergreen Pet SuppliesEvergreen Reptile Fogger
One of the best foggers on the market today. Worth the money, easy to use, and durable.
Zoo Med Repti FoggerZoo Med Repti Fogger
An old, reliable favorite for many hobbyists in the reptile/amphibian community.
Vivosun Terrarium Humidifier
A nice, simple fogger. Doesn’t have all the bells and whistles but it works well.
Exo Terra Mini Fogger
Different from the other foggers in this guide. It actually sits in the water. No tubes.

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The Best Foggers Reviewed

The following products are among the best foggers on the market today. However, they’re far from equal. While their fog output is relatively similar, the devices are quite different; in size, durability, price, and ease of use.

Repti Zoo Reptile Fogger

Repti Zoo Digital Fogger

Brand: Repti Zoo
Type: Reptile Fogger

Repti Zoo’s products are always innovative. Not only that, the quality is good too. This is the only fogger on the list that you don’t have to take apart to refill (excluding the Exo Terra fogger, but that’s different)! That’s a huge win in my opinion.

Let’s cover all the specs so you can see for yourself why this is my #1 recommended fogger for reptile and amphibian husbandry.

It features a 1.06 gallon (4L) reservoir for holding water. On max setting (300 ml per hour), it will take approximately 12 hours of continuous run-time before running out of water.

Programming this device is enjoyable. Use the LED touch controls to set the frequency and duration of the fogging intervals. Run continuously, every half hour, one hour, two hours, three hours, or four hours. Finally, set the duration for how long you want it to run at those intervals. Set for 2 mins, 5 mins, 10 mins, 30 mins, 1 hour, 2 hours, or continuously.

Refilling the reservoir is quick and easy. Simply pour water down the top of the fogger. The top is funnel-shaped so the water drains into the tank. No need to take it apart.

Last but not least, it comes with a lengthy hose and two brackets on suction cups for mounting.

The Evergreen Pet Supplies Reptile Humidifier

Brand: Evergreen Pet Supplies
Type: Reptile Humidifier

The tank can hold up to 2 liters of water and has a no-spill valve for easy filling. It’s easy to set up and has a longer lifespan if handled according to the instructions in the kit. It also features an adjustable hose that extends from 1.5 to 5 feet and comes complete with suction cups to keep the hose in the desired position.

The reptile fogger from Evergreen Pet Supplies is a slice of simplicity. It’s easy to refill, comes with a lengthy hose, complete with suction cups, and it’s reasonably priced.

It features a safety shut-off to prevent the fogger from running when the tank gets too low on water. Also, it’s capable of atomizing up to 10 oz of water per hour and does not require a filter; just fill the tank with distilled water and start using it.

You can adjust the density of the fog from low to heavy using the dial on the front. Depending on this setting, the water will last anywhere between 7 hours to 4 or 5 days. Seven hours is roughly the time it takes this machine to atomize 67 oz (2 liters) of water on full blast. Since you probably won’t be doing that, you can expect to refill the tank every few days.

The Evergreen Pet Supplies Reptile Fogger has a great, spill-proof design with an adjustable 5 ft hose, complete with suction cups. It holds a decent amount of water and won’t take up much space.

Zoo Med ReptiFogger

Zoo Med Repti Fogger

Brand: Zoo Med
Type: ReptiFogger

The Repti Fogger from Zoo Med is another great product. It comes complete with an adjustable fog output control system, 3 feet of hose, and a one-liter bottle for storing the water. It’s a very clever design, featuring a no-spill valve for easy refilling. It has a safety shut-off feature to stop the system from running when the water level is too low.

The ReptiFogger from Zoo Med is an all-around great fogger. It does, however, have one common problem that remains to be fixed by the time of writing this review – read more below.

One downside and common problem for the Repti Fogger comes from its rheostat; the part that controls the fog output. The safety shut-off float sometimes sends reports of the water level being too low which results in the fogger stopping, even when there is plenty of water in the tank. This issue is few-and-far-between.

The biggest downside of the Repti Fogger is its durability. More than a few hobbyists have reported needing to replace this atomizer several times per year. Not everyone, mind you – just enough I felt it’s worth mentioning. Should you decide to purchase this fogger, look for a return policy that will allow you to exchange it within 90 days.

Vivosun Reptile Humidifier

Vivosun makes products for both herptile enthusiasts and gardeners alike. Lights, heating pads, thermometer/hygrometers, and more. They haven’t been around as some of the other brands in this buyer’s guide but they’re making a good name for themselves.

This fogger/humidifier holds 0.6 gallons (2.5 liters) of water. It has an adjustment level between 100ml to 300ml output per hour.

Unfortunately, it can’t be set to run turn on or off at different intervals during the day. This can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your needs.

It’s good if you have a humidistat (humidity controller) or plan to do your reptile or amphibians habitat this way. Technically speaking, using a humidistat offers optimal control over the humidity in the enclosure. You set the minimum and maximum humidity levels and the humidistat turns on/off the fogging system when needed.

It’s more complicated and you need more parts. Namely, the humidistat. Inkbird is well-known for its amazing thermostats. They have a humidistat as well. Click here to see the Inkbird humidistat. To see the Vivosun Reptile Humidifier on Amazon, use the link below.

Brand: Vivosun
Type: Reptile Humidifier

Exo Terra Mini Fogger

Exo Terra, as you probably know already, has a long established good name in the industry. They make anything from glass terrariums to, well, foggers.

This device is quite a bit different from the other fogging systems on the list. You place the mini fogger in water and it creates fog using the water its sitting in.

The drawback is that you need a large water bowl or a dedicated water pool in your terrarium. If this is something you’re planning to build or already have, this is definitely an option to consider. It’s small, easy to hide, and doesn’t require tubes.

Keep in mind, while the fogger is running it heats up the water. Hence the reason it’s the last choice on this list. In my opinion, it’s only suitable if you’ve got a large portion of water in the enclosure. Take extra precautions to keep it from harming your pets. Otherwise, opt for a safer option and go with a traditional fogging system.

Brand: Exo Terra
Type: Mini Fogger

Tips for Using Terrarium Foggers

Since you’re considering the purchase of a fogger for your terrarium, I felt it appropriate to share a few tips for using these devices.

  • Use Distilled Water – Amphibians prefer water to be toxin-free water with natural minerals and a balanced pH level. Distilled water is clean, free from all toxins and chemicals. The downside is that it lacks natural minerals. If you want to learn more about this topic, check out my safe water guide for amphibians. However, because the fog is not your frog’s main source of water, it’s perfectly fine to use distilled water in foggers and misters. Using distilled water is recommended because there is no calcium in it. If you’re using tap water high in calcium, it’s going to build up over time and probably result in your atomizer breaking due to calcium build-up.
  • Automate the Fogger with a Humidistat – Through the use of a humidity controller, you can automate the fogger to turn on when the relative humidity drops below a certain percentage and shut off after the humidity is raised. The Inkbird IHC200 Humidistat can also regulate humidity by turning on or off your fogging system when needed. This might not be needed if you get the Repti Zoo fogger because you can program it to run at different intervals throughout the day. Be sure to monitor your hygrometer to ensure the humidity level are within the recommended range.
  • Create a Drip Loop – For safety purposes, always create a ‘drip loop’ to keep water from reaching the outlet. This is achieved by allowing the power cord to hang in a “U” shape below the power outlet. If water runs down the cord, it will stop and the bottom and drip down (away from the power socket). Refer to the illustration below for an example.
Basic Drip Loop
To prevent water from reaching the power outlet.

TLDR; Conclusion

Foggers are ideal for reptile and amphibian habitats. The purpose of these devices is to provide a boost in the humidity level by blowing fog into the enclosure. Additionally, some of them can be programmed to turn on and off automatically, even while you’re gone. Fill a water reservoir, adjust the settings, and let the fogging system do the work. Be sure to check the water reservoir and refill it when it gets low.

My personal favorite and the one I recommend is the Repti Zoo Reptile Fogger. It is capable of turning on/off at set intervals and allows you to decide how long it runs. On top of this, it’s easy to refill and comes with the largest water tank.


  • Hey there. I have three Whites Tree Frogs, currently in a bio active terrarium with a custom live backdrop. They also have a tiki waterfall incorporated in the tank! Growing in nicely! That being said, I’m looking into a red eye Tree Frog. I have the tank, just looking for any other materials I would need before I do a set up of the scape and then I’ll be good to go to start looking for a red eye frog.
    My question and to why I’m here; what frog humidifier/fog machine would be best suited for a 18x18x24 size exo terra tank? I’m looking at a some of your reviews but I’m not all sure to what I should look into. Thank you for any feedback!

    • The fogger from Evergreen Pet Supply is the best in my opinion. You can adjust the output so it’s great for an 18x18x24 terrarium. If you need more humidity, just increase the output. Likewise, decrease if the humidity is staying too high. You can always spray their enclosure with a mist bottle twice a day. That’s what I do my with RETF enclosure. A fogger isn’t required but it definitely makes things easier (and visually appealing lol). Good luck with your new setup, Brennan!


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