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Frozen Bloodworms

African Dwarf Frog Feeding Guide

If you are planning to keep an African dwarf frog as a pet or have currently owned one, you must be looking for something that could highly enhance your caring experience with your beloved amphibian. 

Below, we have summarized for you a quick and easy feeding guide:

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African Dwarf Frog Diet in Captivity

These aquatic creatures are technically bottom-feeding scavengers; hence they are omnivores. However, African dwarf frogs mostly eat meat rather than eating plants

Here is a list of their usual favorite diet:

  • Thawed bloodworms – its perfect size allows your pet to enjoyingly devore their food. These can be found almost in any pet shop and are the most convenient snack to feed.
  • Blackworms – whilst live blackworms are more nutritious than frozen blackworms, they do have higher risk of carrying infections and diseases. For this reason, it is best to feed your frog with those bought from stores. 
  • Tubifex worms – considering your pet’s webbed hands, it is best to feed them with live tubifex worms. Dried ones come in cubes, which makes it difficult for them to hold their food. 
  • Brine shrimp – since these aquatic animals don’t have tongues and teeth, your pet would love something that could be easily swallowed. 
  • Food pellets specially formulated for aquatic frogs – though it is convenient, its sizes might cause trouble for your pet as it is too small to handle by their webbed hands. 

How To Feed Your African Dwarf Frog

Since these amphibians are slow-swimmers and have poor eyesight, your pets within the same tank might out-compete each other for food. Therefore, it can be tricky to feed them. 

But here are the ways you could effectively feed them:

Dethawing frozen foods

As someone who values your pet dearly, providing them with snacks that could easily be swallowed is the best option. Since they are aquatic and only touch the surface of the water to gasp for air, food that does not easily dissolve should suffice.

Thawed bloodworms, for example, last longer even if they sink in the bottom of the tank. 

Separating ADF from aquariums with fish

African dwarf frogs are very slow eaters. Therefore, you might want to make sure that any other creatures you keep in your tank will not out-compete your frogs for food.

African Dwarf Frog

How Much To Feed Your ADF

It depends. We don’t want your beloved amphibian to be overfed and find them obese. If you usually feed them 2-3 times a week, then it’s good, if it does not compromise your pet’s overall health. 

How Often to Feed Your ADF

For adult African dwarf frogs, it is best to feed them every other day or slightly less. For young dwarf frogs, feeding them 4 to 6 times a week should be enough. 

Also, remember to remove the uneaten food in the tank. 

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Though African Dwarf Frogs are known for being omnivores, they mostly love to eat meat. Including in their diet, these foods would be lovely for your amphibian: Mysis shrimp, brine shrimp, blood worms, tubifex worms, beef heart, daphnia. 

However, they are slow-eaters and have poor eyesight. So, it is best to monitor them when they eat instead of leaving them food in the tank. Plus, the idea of feeding them from the rest of the community tank allows them to nurture and enjoy more of their food. 

You could also offer them a variety of food to increase their nutrition intake. You may opt to feed them thawed bloodworms or pellets appropriate for their size. 

Most importantly, remember to feed only your African Dwarf Frog according to its schedule. Too much is bad, and so is too little. Providing them food in moderation is still the key. 

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  • We now have a pair of adf. Need to go away for 10 days. I know the fish can eat a weekly food nugget. What can I do for feeding the frogs? Thank You.


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