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Can Pacman Frogs Live Together?

Can Pacman Frogs Live Together? Pacman Frog

Pacman Frogs (South American Horned Frog) are one of the most popular amphibians in the world. It’s no wonder why either; they have a unique appearance and watching them eat is certainly entertaining. On top of that, setting up a habitat for one is fairly cheap and easy. With that in mind, it’s tempting to…

The Life Cycle of a Poison-Dart Frog

The Life Cycle of a Poison-Dart Frog Poison-Dart Frog with Tadpoles on Back

Whether you know much about frogs or not, you probably have a decent understanding of the life cycle of an average frog. The fertilized eggs are left in the water. Eventually, the eggs hatch and tadpoles swim around, feeding on algae until they metamorphose into little frogs. Those frogs grow up and go on to…

Do Frogs Make Good Pets?

Do Frogs Make Good Pets? Fire-Bellied Toad

On this page, I’ll do my best to answer the question “Do frogs make good pets”. The short answer is “yes” but frogs aren’t for everyone. There are some important details you should consider before getting a frog. I’ll go over the pros and cons on this page and by the end, I hope to…

Do Frogs Have Backbones?

Do Frogs Have Backbones? Frog Skeleton

Do amphibians have backbones? The last time you needed to know this was most likely for your high school Biology class. And did you really care back then? Probably not. You just needed to pass the test at the end of the week. If you studied at all, you knew the answer was, “yes, amphibians…

Why Do Frogs Burrow?

Why Do Frogs Burrow? Toad Burrowing

Frogs and toads are amazing amphibians, though there isn’t a massive difference between the two. In short, toads and frogs are both part of the Anura order. They have several creative ways of adapting to their environment, and they are found in a range of climates, from the freezing Arctic Circle, to deserts, and rainforests….

What Do Toads Eat?

What Do Toads Eat? Toad Eating Worm

On this page, I’m going to do my best to answer the question “What do toads eat?”. It’s a common question on the popular Q&A websites and I want to provide a helpful resource to anyone looking for this information. Before we start talking about specific foods, it’s important to know that different species of…

Do Tree Frogs Need A Heat Lamp?

Do Tree Frogs Need A Heat Lamp? Zoo Med Heat Lamp

The temperature of your tree frog’s enclosure is one of the most important parts in caring for them. Some species require a tropical climate while others hibernate during winter months. Because of that, it can be hard to tell whether or not they need a heat lamp. It’s a great question; one I’ll do my…

The Best & Worst Frogs for Beginners

The Best & Worst Frogs for Beginners Wallace's Flying Frog

Keeping frogs as pets is a rewarding experience, for both young and old. It’s not incredibly difficult either. In fact, caring for most frogs is as simple as maintaining the correct temperature and humidity, feeding them daily, and occasionally cleaning their cage. Where people mess up, unfortunately, is when they fail to properly research the…

How To Tell If A Frog Is Poisonous

How To Tell If A Frog Is Poisonous Poisonous Frog

There are over 4,700 species of frogs inhabiting every continent in the world except Antarctica. They come in different sizes and colors. Some are arboreal, some terrestrial, and some aquatic. But are frogs poisonous? And if so, how dangerous are they? It may surprise you to learn that all frogs (and toads) have toxins. These toxins…

Top 16 Weirdest Frogs & Toads

Top 16 Weirdest Frogs & Toads Amazon Horned Frog

With over 4,000 species of frogs and toads in the world, you’re bound to find a few that stick out as being weird, creepy, bizarre, and down-right horrific. That’s what this article aims to uncover; the weirdest frogs and toads on earth. Frogs and toads are amphibians but more specifically, they belong to the Anura…

The World’s Deadliest Frogs

The World’s Deadliest Frogs Poison Dart Frog

With over 170 species of poison dart frogs, also known as Dendrobatoidae, it’s fascinating to question which of these is the deadliest. The Dendrobatoidae family has 7 Genus; only one of which has been documented as being used to make poisonous darts or arrows. That Genus is known as Phyllobates and it contains 6 species of frogs, all…