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Pacman Frog

Do Pacman Frogs Need Heat?

Pacman Frogs require a daytime temperature between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is warmer than most households, which means that extra heat sources are necessary for Pacman Frogs.

A heating mat underneath your Pacman Frog’s enclosure with a thermostat is ideal because it will keep the enclosure at the correct temperature. 

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Recommended Day & Night Temperatures 

Different temperatures are recommended for each time of the day. You should adjust your Pacman Frog’s enclosure temperature at daytime and nighttime to ensure that they are warm enough.

During the day, the temperature should be between 75 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. At night, you can lower the temperature to somewhere between 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

How to Heat Your Pacman Frog’s Enclosure 

To heat your Pacman Frog’s enclosure, there are two different items that can help. These include a heating mat, which goes beneath your Pacman Frog’s enclosure, and a thermostat to control the temperature. 

Heating Mat 

Zoo Med Repti Therm

The Zoo Med Repti Therm Under Tank Heater is an essential item for caring for your Pacman Frog. This heating mat can be placed under the enclosure and will keep your Pacman Frogs healthy. It has an adhesive backing that sticks to the underside of the tank.

It can be left on for 24 hours to keep the enclosure at the perfect temperature. For even greater success with the heating mat, you can pair it with a thermostat. 

It is a good idea to use a heating mat on the bottom of the enclosure. Some heating mats can stick to the sides of the enclosure, but they do not contain the heat as well. By placing the mat underneath the enclosure, your Pacman Frog’s enclosure will maintain the proper temperature more easily.   

Small Pacman Frog Habitat (Step 8)
I used a VivoSun UTH for this 10-gallon Pacman Frog Habitat


The Inkbird ITC-306T is a great thermostat to use to control the temperature of your Pacman Frog’s enclosure. This product is nice because it has a pre-wired night or day temperature setting.

This makes it easy for you when your Pacman Frog requires different temperatures at different times of the day. The thermostat will handle these changes on its own so you will not need to remember to adjust it throughout the day. 

If you’re in the market for a quality thermostat, check out our guide on the best thermostats for amphibian husbandry.

Buying the Right Heat Sources 

When you are heating your Pacman Frog’s enclosure, you should look for a heat mat and thermostat that are right for your pet. Make sure that the heat mat and thermostat can reach the correct temperature within the terrarium holding your pet.

You should also search for a heat mat and thermostat that work with the size of the enclosure. Some heat sources can be too small and will not provide adequate warmth for your Pacman Frog.

Monitoring the Temperature of the Enclosure

Be sure to check the temperature of the enclosure frequently. This is useful so that you can know when to adjust the temperature as needed. A thermometer can be helpful for this. There are reptile thermometers designed for enclosures for frogs and other amphibians or reptiles. You should not simply guess the temperature because it can directly affect your Pacman Frog’s health. 

You should check the temperature of the enclosure a couple of times per day or whenever you care for your Pacman Frog. Getting in the habit of doing this will help so that you will always notice when the temperature drops too low. You can quickly adjust the heat mat and thermostat as soon as you see the low temperature. 

What Temperature Should Baby Pacman Frogs Be Kept At? 

Baby Pacman Frogs prefer more heat than adults. Don’t worry, there isn’t a huge difference and some say this slight change in temperature isn’t necessary.

Baby Pacman Frogs should be kept in an enclosure with a temperature of 77 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. At nighttime, this can drop to 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Pacman Frogs usually reach their full-grown adult size at 10 to 12 months of age. At this point, it is safe to switch to the recommended adult temperatures for Pacman Frogs. 

Pacman Frog

Keeping the Enclosure at Room Temperature 

If you have been keeping the Pacman Frog’s enclosure at room temperature, you should purchase a heat mat and a thermostat. The temperature of an average home is not warm enough for a Pacman Frog. This is why it is necessary to purchase and install heat sources. 

When you first install these heat sources, you may set them at the higher end of the recommended temperature range. This will help the enclosure to heat up more quickly from being at room temperature. Then, once the enclosure is warm enough, you can lower it slightly, as long as it is still within the recommended range. 

Risks Associated with Lack of Proper Heat

Providing your pet with adequate heat is important. If your Pacman Frog is not receiving proper heat, they may develop a health issue, like a respiratory disease. Without heat, Pacman Frogs cannot digest their food, which can cause other health issues. 

Some of the most common causes of death in pet Pacman Frogs are due to a low temperature in the enclosure. Often, this can cause a loss of appetite or can weaken their immune system. Simply maintaining the proper temperatures for your Pacman Frog is an easy way to give them a full, healthy life. 

What Temperature Is Too Low For Pacman Frogs? 

For the safety of your Pacman Frog, the enclosure temperature should not drop below 65 degrees Fahrenheit for a sustained period of time. If the temperature would drop that low, your pet could be at risk for the health problems mentioned before. This is why it is important to monitor the temperature of the enclosure properly and regularly. 


In order to keep your Pacman Frog safe and healthy, their enclosure should be kept at the correct temperature. Having a heating pad and a thermostat in the enclosure is one of the best ways to do this. Without an enclosure kept at the proper temperature, your frog may experience health issues. 

Consider reading our complete care guide for Pacman Frogs and feel free to comment below with any questions or concerns.

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