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5 Must-Have Frog Tank Accessories

Enhancing the appearance of your frog’s tank can be accomplished by adding accessories. Whether they serve a practical purpose or they’re simply cosmetic, accessories can make a huge difference in the overall appearance.

Whether this is your first frog setup or your tenth, this page should help you get some good ideas for your next build. This guide is especially helpful for those of you making your first frog tank.

I’ve compiled a list of all the best accessories for frog habitats. The items are listed in the table below. If you scroll farther down the page, you can read an in-depth review of each item. So, let’s get started.

Zoo Med Mushroom LedgeZoo Med Mushroom Ledge
Cheap, easy to install, and add additional perching location for your frogs.
Exo Terra T-Rex SkullExo Terra T-Rex Skull
One of the best-looking hides on the market. Great for small frogs.
Exo Terra VineJungle Vines
An absolute must-have for virtually any frog enclosure. Best for tree frogs & arboreol species.
Hiding spots are great decorations and help your pet feel more comfortable.
Zoo Med Repti Rapids LED WaterfallWaterfall
Create a focal point and boost the humidity within your frog tank with a waterfall.

Page Contents

5 Frog Accessories Reviews

Before I get into the individual reviews, I want to start by saying these accessories may not be right for all frogs. For example, a common toad won’t get much use out of a mushroom ledge or waterfall. After all, toads can’t jump very high, they won’t be climbing on a ledge, and the waterfall may push their habitat’s humidity over the suggested limits.

Just be sure to consider the requirements of your frog and determine whether or not the accessory will be a good fit!

Naturalistic Mushroom Ledge

Zoo Med Mushroom Ledge

Brand: Zoo Med
Type: Mushroom Ledge

The mushroom ledge from Zoo Med is the perfect fit for an arboreal frog. Especially if the enclosure has only a few climbing spots. Naturally, tree frogs will climb all over the glass but a ledge gives them a perching spot off the ground.

Now, Zoo Med isn’t the only company making these ledges. Some of them come with a food and water dish but they’re meant for lizards. For frogs, go with a ledge that doesn’t have a food/water dish.

This particular accessory is great because of its naturalistic appearance; it looks like a mushroom. It needs to be stuck to the glass using an amphibian-safe silicone. This is both good and bad.

The downside is that it helps to do this before putting your pet into the enclosure. If you already have a frog tank and you’re looking for some accessories to add, this ledge isn’t the best option.

It needs roughly 24 hours to dry and works best if you’re able to lay the glass terrarium on its side (to keep the ledge straight while the adhesive dries). On the other hand, it’s nice that you can glue it to the glass.

The naturalistic mushroom ledge from Zoo Med is a great fit for a tree frog terrarium. It comes with everything needed, including the silicone used to attach the ledge to the wall of the enclosure.

T-Rex Skull

Exo Terra T-Rex Skull

Brand: Exo Terra
Type: T-Rex Skull

The T-Rex Skull from Exo Terra might not offer much functionality for a frog’s enclosure but it looks amazing. By the way, it’s definitely a “hide”. A hide that works really good for certain creatures; those small enough to fit in to it.

This would go well in terrariums housing smaller frogs. Species like poison-dart frogs or Mantellas would fit nicely. A large toad, on the other hand, might just be too big to use it as a hiding place.

Anyway, whether or not your frog can (or will) use it as a hiding place is beside the point. The main reason you would get this accessory is that it looks cool.

Most important is the safety of your pet amphibian. You don’t want them getting stuck or hurt. If you decide to buy this one, be sure your pet is able to move in and out of it without any problems.

Otherwise, try propping the skull in such a way that it takes away any risk of injury. That goes for all hides, by the way. Not just this one.

Jungle Vines

Exo Terra Vine

Brand: Exo Terra
Type: Jungle Vine

One of the best accessories for a frog tank is a jungle vine. They come in various sizes, shapes, lengths, and colors. Most of them are single, straight vines but there are brands that offer vines which fork and split into multiple vines.

Jungle vines are great for all types of enclosures, but especially vertical terrariums housing arboreal frogs. Vines are similar to branches but, of course, they’re more bendable. With a little patience, you can shape them how you want them.

Last but not least, vines add a lot of value to naturalistic setups. Also, they add additional climbing opportunities for your pet! You can buy these online or in virtually any pet store.


Zoo Med Habba Hut

Brand: Zoo Med
Type: Habba Hut

One of the best ways to decorate your frog’s tank is by using a “hide”. A hide is something that provides shelter for your pet; a hiding place. Not only can your amphibian use it for hiding but it can be a great decoration.

This is perfect for all kinds of frogs. Whether they’re terrestrial toads or tree frogs, a hide is a great addition. Also, there are plenty to choose from.

Most hides resemble something natural; a bark-covered log, fallen coconuts, rocks, etc. For those of you looking for something more dramatic, there are skulls (similar to the T-Rex skull accessory), dinosaur eggs, and more.

The only thing you need to worry about is the size. One, will it fit into the tank and two, will your frog fit into the hide? Your frog should be able to enter and exit the hide with no problem.

For some frogs, a hide will be more of a decoration than something it uses. It all depends on the species and their temperament. For others, they will use it often and it might help them to feel more comfortable. Having a nearby hiding place makes amphibians more relaxed.


Zoo Med Repti Rapids LED Waterfall

Brand: Zoo Med
Type: Repti Rapids Waterfall

I did a review for the best reptile and amphibian waterfalls back in 2018. I’ll almost certainly be redoing that post to bring it up-to-date. But for now, at least for this page, I definitely recommend waterfalls for frog tanks! They’re accessories that make a great focal point.

Waterfall features are not only great decorations but they can help increase the humidity within the enclosure. You’ll have to add more water occasionally, of course. This is because the circulating water is causing water vapor to float around the enclosure. The water vapor increases the relative humidity which, for most frogs, is a great thing.

Increased humidity usually isn’t a problem. It can potentially be a problem if the waterfall were to make the enclosure too humid. Just be aware of the average humidity within your frog’s tank and only get a waterfall if the small increase to humidity would negatively affect your pet.

The cool thing about a waterfall accessory is the number of options available to you. You can purchase DIY kits that allow you to create your own waterfall; it’s a lot of work but it can be fun. But you definitely don’t have to build your own. There are several ready-to-go waterfall kits, too.

Zoo Med has a few all-in-one waterfalls with various designs. One looks like a hallowed stump while the others look like stone with a skull incorporated into it. Also, I believe they all include LED lights that can add an interesting look to your terrarium.

Other brands offer more naturalistic waterfalls. Some look like rock formations while others resemble tree branches or logs. Many of the waterfalls are self-containing systems, meaning the water is contained within the device (less work for you).

Other waterfalls simply pump water from the bottom to the top. These types would require you to place the waterfall in some sort of container or water bowl. That or you can build a complex drainage layer and incorporate a pool of water in the enclosure. Totally up to you, friend.


There are plenty of accessories you can use in your frog’s tank. Most of them are simple, effective, and look natural (not all, but most). The important thing is the safety of your pet and the functionality of its enclosure. Naturally, you won’t be needing a mushroom ledge if you have a pet toad. Likewise, I don’t recommend getting a small hide for a large frog – especially if there is a chance the frog can get stuck in it.

Aside from the mushroom ledge and hide decorations, all the other accessories on this list fit nicely in a terrestrial or arboreal frog tank. Granted, a tree frog may not use a T-Rex Skull hide nor will a toad be utilizing a jungle vine. But hey, they still look cool. So long as they’re not obstructing your pet or causing them harm, you’re usually good to go.

It’s hard for me to recommend one accessory over the other without first knowing the type of frog you’re keeping. For tree frogs, definitely go with a jungle vine, mushroom ledge, and consider a waterfall and/or hide. For toads, getting a hide (or two) is highly recommended. Toads won’t use a jungle vine as much as a tree frog but they’re still great for decorations.

Waterfalls are a great fit for most amphibian enclosures. Again, just be sure your pet will be alright with the small increase in humidity – most are. I hope this page helps you find what you’re looking for! If you have any comments or suggestions, please use the comment section below.


  • What is a hide? Lokking for something for my tree frog so she doesn’t squish herself under cover of tank


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