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The frogs in this section are fully aquatic. They should be kept in water 100% of the time. There aren’t very many species of aquatic frogs kept as pets. But the ones commonly kept as pets are widely available and very popular among amphibian owners.

African Dwarf Frog

African Dwarf Frog African Dwarf Frog

Caring for African Dwarf Frogs is very easy; they’re the best aquatic frogs for beginners. The most important aspect, aside from daily feeding, is the size of their tank, water temperature, and water quality. Since these species spend all their time in the water, you must pay careful attention to the quality of water. As…

African Clawed Frog

African Clawed Frog African Clawed Frog (Xenopus laevis)

The African clawed frog is one of the easiest frogs to care for. They’re completely aquatic so a  small-sized aquarium will suit their needs perfectly. Not only do they not require a large tank, they eat nearly anything you place in front of them, they’re hardy and widely available online and in pet stores. African clawed…