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Horned Frog

ANURA \ uh-noor-uh

  1. “A major extant order of the class Amphibia. It includes frogs and toads, which are known by people around the world.”
  2. Literally means “without tail”

Usage: “Frogs and toads are both Anuran because they’re within the same order!”

Animalia → Chordata → Amphibia → Anura

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Poison Dart Frog

Poison Dart Frog

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Fire-Bellied Toad

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Predators of the Poison Dart Frog

Poison Dart frogs are known around the world for being one of the most deadly animals on earth. The toxin from some Golden Poison-Dart frogs is enough to kill two full-grown, bull elephants (supposedly). While…


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Leopard Frog

Are Leopard Frogs Poisonous?

Leopard frogs are small, cute frogs, that are a great pet for beginners. They’re not poisonous like a poison-dart frog. Poison dart frogs are considered one of the most dangerous animals on the planet; with…

Pacman Frog

Can Pacman Frogs Live Together?

Pacman Frogs (South American Horned Frog) are one of the most popular amphibians in the world. It’s no wonder why either; they have a unique appearance and watching them eat is certainly entertaining. On top…

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The Life Cycle of a Poison-Dart Frog

Whether you know much about frogs or not, you probably have a decent understanding of the life cycle of an average frog. The fertilized eggs are left in the water. Eventually, the eggs hatch and…

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Fire-Bellied Toad

Do Frogs Make Good Pets?

On this page, I’ll do my best to answer the question “Do frogs make good pets”. The short answer is “yes” but frogs aren’t for everyone. There are some important details you should consider before…

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Do Frogs Have Backbones?

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Toad Burrowing

Why Do Frogs Burrow?

Frogs and toads are amazing amphibians, though there isn’t a massive difference between the two. In short, toads and frogs are both part of the Anura order. They have several creative ways of adapting to…

UVB Light and Tree Frog

UVB Lighting For Frogs: Do They Need It?

Lighting for amphibians is a subject I’ve been meaning to cover for a while. It’s one of those topics that many people disagree about. Most of the disagreement is about nocturnal species and whether or…